From Lips To Tips: How To Match Your Lip Liner And Nail Art For A Complete Look

From Lips To Tips: How To Match Your Lip Liner And Nail Art For A Complete Look

A nicely lined and filled pout may make a major statement that connects your entire makeup look together. Simply scrolling through your social media accounts will show you what we mean. The ideal balance of nail art and lip liner is a winning trend that shows no signs of going away, from the lips of runway models to those of your favorite celebrities. That means it's time to learn how to combine these two products for a stunning lip makeup look. We've created a list of our favorite nail art and lip liner combinations.

From Lips To Tips: How To Match Your Lip Liner And Nail Art For A Complete Look

According to most beauty experts, matching your nail polish and lip liner is a big no. In fact, combining the two can result in a conventional appearance. Instead, concentrate on using enhancing colors. For instance, if you're wearing red lipstick, you might want to try pink or nude nail polish. If you're wearing pink lipstick, you could try coral or peach nail polish. And if you're wearing nude lipstick, you could try just about any color of nail polish.

Why Use Lip Liner?

Lip liners are excellent for defining your lips. They feature a very thin tip, making it simple to draw clean lines around the outside of your lips. Furthermore, because of their matte and heavy-duty nature, they keep your lipstick from leaking outside of your lips.


Why Use Nail Polish?

Nail polish (also known as nail varnish or nail enamel) is a varnish that can be utilized to beautify and protect the human nail or toenail plates. The formula has been altered several times to improve its decorative characteristics and to prevent cracking and peeling.


Tips And Lips That Are Well-matched

Pale pink nail polish and lip liner will softly transform you into an attractive figure, ideal for a wedding or an afternoon date. Matching bright and strong colors will pack a powerful punch and are an excellent way to add color to your appearance. Brands are selling ideal matching once more.

Match Your Lip Liner Or Your Nails

If you can't locate the perfect hand-and-mouth match, keep one neutral and match the other to your attire. Pair your pink outfit with pink lips and a simple French manicure. You might also attempt enhancing your eyes and nails. Match your classic Smokey eye with a deep charcoal grey nail polish and your lips with the appropriate nude lip color. The key to matching your lip liner and nail art is to consider both the finish and color. To begin, you should match the finish. This means that matte lip liner should be paired with metallic nail art, metallic lip liner with metallic lipstick, and so on. Second, consider colors. As a basic guideline. Use a lip liner that is one to two shades darker than your nail polish color, staying within the same color family and undertones.

How To Prep Your Lips?

When done correctly, your pout will appear nothing short of amazing when you follow these step-by-step instructions.


  • Step 1: Exfoliate, while matching lipstick and lip liner are wonderful for creating a beautiful lip look, how you prep your mouth can make or break your product pairing. So, before applying anything, exfoliate the surface of your lips using a lip scrub to remove dead skin cells. Try the products of L’Oreal Paris, Dior, and Maybelline which may be used on your face as well as your lips.
  • Step 2: Prime, apply a lip primer after exfoliating to assist create a smooth background for your lip liner and nail polish. If you don't have a lip primer, a small amount of foundation or concealer will suffice.
  • Step 3: Draw a line and fill it in. It's finally time to start adding color! Begin with your favorite lip liner. Lip liner, in addition to defining the contour of your lips, can assist prevent your lips from feathering outside the lines. Fill in your lips with your matching nail polish after you've lined them.
  • Step 4: Finish the edges, let's face it: if you're not a professional makeup artist, you're bound to make blunders. No worries if you chance to color outside the lines at any point. Just put a cotton swab in the L’Oreal Paris Water Complete Cleanser and wipe away.

How To Choose Lip Liner And Nail Polish Shades?

  • For cool skin tones, choose lip liners with blue or purple undertones.
  • Warm lip liners colors, like peaches and oranges, should be considered for warm skin tones.
  • For a neutral skin tone, examine what you like the best, as most colors will look nice on your complexion.


Lip Liner And Nail Polish Combo Colors

  • Hot pink is a great way to add a splash of color to your next night-out makeup look.
  • Orchid is another bright color that's fantastic for a night out.
  • Classic red rock a true red pout with the L’Oreal Paris Color
  • Nude say cheers to a champagne-colored pout by pairing the L’Oreal Paris Color.
  • Brick red to turn heads with a brick-colored pout, wear the L’Oreal Paris.
  • Fire engine red wear a fire-engine red lip to look as if you've been special by fire.



Matching the lips and nails can result in a traditional look. Instead, concentrate on using different enhancing colors. If you like lip liner and nail polish as much as we do, you might assume your lip liner and nail polish should match.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lipstick is a type of cosmetic composed of wax and oil that is used to add color and texture to the lips. Minerals like silica can be added for texture, and various pigments are utilized to provide color.

Different textures and finishes are available with each hue, whether it be a shimmering option, a matte choice, or a glossy tint. There are lipsticks for any and every cosmetic style imaginable.

After roughly two years, it's best to toss any bottles that have been opened. They have an unlimited shelf life if unopened.

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