The Gaming Business Has Reached A Total Of $222 Billion Thanks To Gen Z Gamers

The Gaming Business Has Reached A Total Of $222 Billion Thanks To Gen Z Gamers

The growing market for mobile games is resulting in a more varied population of people who play video games. As per a new report, the value of the gaming business has increased to a staggering $222 billion this year. Although Gen Z gamers continue to make up the largest segment of the market, Gen X and Baby Boomer gamers now account for a fourth of the highest-grossing titles in the United States.

Rise of Female Gamers and Changing Gaming Trends

According to's most recent 'Gaming Spotlight' research, which was published today with IDC, female gamers are also on the rise. According to the report, female gamers account for the majority of consumer expenditure and audience in famous games like Roblox. According to the findings of the survey, mobile gaming will eclipse 60 percent of the market share in terms of spend this year. This will signal a more "inclusive" type of gaming among genders, age, and interests.


There are over 2.7 billion gamers throughout the globe, and the gaming industry's scope and attractiveness are attracting luxury brands as a result of the industry's young demography. Balenciaga was the first luxury brand to collaborate with Fortnite on four virtual clothes, sometimes known as "skins," as well as accessories, weaponry, and a virtual Balenciaga location within the game. This collaboration took place in 2018. The high-end fashion label Moncler released a line of in-game apparel in November that was inspired by a recent collection it had created with the fashion label.

Roblox's Diverse Appeal: Gen Z Gamers, User Trends, and Global Markets

Roblox in particular, which is a destination for companies such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Nike, is attracting female members of the Gen Z gaming community. According to the number of downloads, the most popular game categories are action, puzzle, and simulation (such as Roblox). Roblox users have a 1.7 times greater likelihood of playing on Roblox than on other gaming platforms, and this likelihood climbs to a 1.9 times greater likelihood in the United States. There is still expanding opportunity for older gamers: Generation X and Baby Boomers account for roughly 25 percent of the fastest selling games in the United States, which is 4 percent higher than in 2021 and makes them the generation with the fastest growth rate in the area. APAC, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia are some of the markets where spending on mobile games is growing at the fastest rates. The United States and Western Europe continue to account for around half of all money spent on mobile gaming.



Gen Z Embrace of Virtual Assets and the Metaverse Trend

Many users of the Gen Z demographic place a higher value on virtual objects than they do on tangible goods. The aspects that are most favourably received. They've been holding virtual fashion presentations and creating their own trends in the process. As a result of the fact that gamers are accustomed to having to pay for digital assets, gaming portals have also been marketed as an on-ramp for companies to access the virtual worlds of the metaverse. This has even expanded into NFTs, as seen by the fact that Louis Vuitton and Burberry have linked their NFTs to various video games.

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